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Υλικό για την προαγωγή υγείας στα σχολεία

Ενδιαφέρουσες ιστοσελίδες:
WHO Information Series on School Health:
The Schools for Health in Europe network:
Focus Resources on Effective School Health (FRESH) – a partnership between WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, and the World Bank:
The American Public Health Association’s Center for School, Health and Education:
Communities and Schools Promoting Health:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- Global School-based Student Health Survey (GSHS):
Innovative website about teaching sexual health:

Αναφορές, Μελέτες και Κατευθυντήριες Οδηγίες:
The Health Promoting School: International Advances in Theory, Evaluation and Practice
School-Based Mental Health in Canada: A Final Report
Achieving Health Promoting Schools: Guidelines for Promoting Health in Schools
Health-promoting schools: a resource for developing indicators
Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, Sexual health education in the schools: Questions & Answers
Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education
Advances in School Mental Health Promotion
WHO, Nutrition-Friendly Schools Initiative
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, School-based education for drug abuse prevention
NICE, School-based interventions on alcohol

Υλικό για τους χώρους υπηρεσιών υγείας

Αρθρα, μελέτες, αναφορές και κατευθυντήριες οδηγίες μπορείτε να βρείτε στην ιστοσελίδα:



Australian Health Promotion Association
American Public Health Education and Health Promotion Association
The Global Health Promotion Consortium
Health Promotion Ireland
Mental Health Ireland
Canadian Mental Health Association
Canadian Public Health Association –Health Promotion
Health Promotion Ontario
Institute of Health Promotion and Education, UK
The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, UK
Health Promotion Agency, NZ